Environmental Protection And Sustainable Development Essay

1056 Words Nov 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Achieving ecological civilization requires a shift away from the extensive mode of development and excessive consumption to ensure that human activities do not exceed environmental capacity, and instead, a shift toward increasing production, improvinged livelihood, and developing a sound eco-environment. In this sense, ecological civilization not only reflects the thinking of sustainable development but also further develops the idea, supporting the belief that environmental protection and economic development go hand in hand and are mutually reinforcing. Efforts to protect the ecosystem can protect nature and while also increasinge natural capitals, maintaining growth momentum, and promotinge economic and social development. In short, environmental protection would be the best way to boost development and achieve sustainability.
Moreover, China’s drive toward ecological civilization will have far-reaching global impacts and relevance in fundamentally resolving deep-rooted problems in environment and development. Taking improving environmental quality as our core task, we’ve put in place the most stringent environmental protection system; launched comprehensive campaigns on air, water, and soil pollution prevention and control; enhanced enforcement of laws and regulations; accelerated and deepened reforms; promoted a green way of life and production and provided more quality ecological products for the people. These measures will yield a beautiful China with blue sky,…

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