Environmental Problems Of Global Warming Essay

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What do you think about pollution in the world? There are many factors that deal with the environment such as: air pollution by burning fossil fuels. Environmental problems have increased highly throughout many centuries. Our population is growing out of control and has put an increase pressure on natural resources, water, raw materials, and land. In the world environmental problems are getting worse every day because of extracting the resources are put into production which could cause pollution. To help the environment there are ways to protect it by using renewable materials, recycling, and planting trees. In the Earth there are many resources that we use to survive, but it could be depleted if it is overused. People could limit on the usage of these resources in our daily lives. There are varieties of concerns on environmentalism throughout the world. For instance, there are countries with cultural differences in part of the world such as Asia and Europe about the environment.
Global Warming The definition of global warming is a result in high increase in temperature of the sun’s heat circling the earth because of the carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, and methane. (Global Warming, 2008). The emissions of carbon dioxide increased over the centuries by the use of burning fossil fuels and vehicles producing the CO2 from the exhaust. Global climate is changing because of the buildup in the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and fossil fuel…

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