Environmental Problems Of Deforestation And Environmental Pollution

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Deforestation and environmental pollution are just a few of the environmental problems that our planet is facing today; however, as the population of the world continues to grow exponentially, the problems will only continue to get worse and more irreversible. As the amount of people who populate earth increases, “the demand for food, energy, minerals and other products” rises as well (Eitzen, Smith, Zinn 76). As we look at environmental issues, we must remember some “environmental problems are beyond human control (volcanoes, earthquakes, solar flares), [but] most are social in origin” (Eitzen, Smith, Zinn 76). In an attempt to solve these complications, we must change human behavior to reduce or eradicate many of the environmental extortions.
18 million acres, which is roughly the size of the country of Panama, is the amount of forests that are permanently lost each year (Bradford, “Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects”). At this rate, NASA predicts that the “world’s rainforests may be completely gone in as little as 100 years” (Bradford, “Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects”). Now you may be thinking to yourself, why do we need to cut down so many trees? The answer is profit and resources. In order to reach hidden resources such as lumber, petroleum, and mining sites, companies must build roads in order to reach and transport the assets. In addition to transporting resources, “cattle ranchers require vast expanses for their herds (five acres of pasture for each…

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