Essay about Environmental Pollution And Nuclear Energy

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Global also needs to be sustained from dangerous threats that can cause damage to environments and hurt societies. The major concerns in the world is pollution and nuclear energy.
In the article, “Environmental Pollution: An Underrecognized Threat to Children’s Health, Especially in Low- and Middle-Income Countries” by the Environmental Health Perspectives explains the differences of income countries that are encountering pollution. Any type of exposure to environmental pollutants in early life can lead children and infants to deaths. High- Income countries are experiencing diseases that can cause birth defects, such as brain cancer, autism, and mental retardation. While, in LMIC, or Low- and Middle-Income Countries, are also living alongside with toxic chemicals that are becoming a major threat. Air pollution and contaminated drinking water are also key factors in harming LMIC. “According to the World Health Organization, pollution is responsible for 8.9 million deaths around the world each year; 94 percent (8.4 million) are in LMIC” (Environmental Pollution). There must be a change to help to end these deaths from rising more each year and eliminating pollution in these types of countries that are killing children at an alarming rate. An example of an environmental pollution is an industrial accident in Bhopal, India when a pesticide plant leaked methyl isocyanate on 200,000 people. Another plant exploded that harmed 50,000 to encounter long-term health effects and…

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