Essay about Environmental Pollution And Its Effects On Our Lives

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It kills 3.3 million people every year all year round, and 55,000 of those people are American. Environmental pollution is one out of the many hazardous things that is affecting us and our planet earth as well. Not only will this information explain why pollution is a huge threat to our lives, but it will explain whom is involved in this, the many different consequences that it brings about us; and how we could decrease the amount of pollution in the world today.
Environmental pollution is the contamination of chemical substances that surround any amount of area that affects humans, animals, and other living organisms that are a part of the world. Whether it is gas fumes being released from your truck, or sewage that is spilling out into bodies of water, all forms of pollution is a threat. These two examples fall under a few other main causes of pollution. These are, industrial development, technological development, transportation, and agriculture.
On the technological side of things, electronic making factories pollute the air by releasing highly toxic metals such as, lead and mercury. Fossil fuels being emitted by vehicles and power plants all give off these poisonous gases into the air. Thus, creating air pollution. This puts humans, and animals in danger because as we are breathing in these polluted gases, our health starts to be at risk. If we continue to breathe in these gases, certain illnesses like cancer, birth defects, brain defects, and more, will take place.…

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