Essay about Environmental Management Systems And Iso Certification

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With the 2016 ISO 14001 environmental recertification audit looming on the horizon, it’s important that we all know our role in the site’s Environmental Management System (EMS). A large part of our Environmental Management System and ISO certification relies on the identification and management of our Environmental Aspects. An Environmental Aspect is any activity carried out at the mill that does or may have an impact on the environment. This can range from activities associated with production through to waste management.
For instance, flash drying has a direct, though relatively small impact on the environment through the use of natural gas to power the heaters. Thus the environmental aspects associated with this activity are air pollution – the release of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and small amounts of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Another example would be the Olivine Incinerator – not only does it have a larger impact on the environment (air pollution) but there is also a tertiary waste stream associated with it – ash and possible fly-ash which has the potential to negatively impact the surrounding area.
In years previous an identified aspect was rated on two criteria: the frequency of an activity (how often that particular activity was carried out in day to day operations) and the severity of the environmental impact (how much it would cost to clean up or mitigate the effects). These two criteria were given a rating of 1 through 5, and, when multiplied…

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