Essay about Environmental Management System

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The purpose of this essay is to analyse the benefits and shortcomings of Environmental Management Systems in relation to Canon Inc. The first part of the essay consists of an introduction to Environmental Management Systems (EMS), ISO 14001and a brief introduction on Canon Inc. First of all, Canon Inc is a multinational company which is specialised in the manufacture of imaging and optical products (Canon 2014). It is very important for an organisation like Canon Inc to implement a proper EMS, as the company’s business acts can have a lot of negative impacts on the environment especially since it is a manufacturing company. Now, why should Environmental Management Systems be used? Environmental Management systems have become an essential …show more content…
Each company has to identify its own business activities from which it will have to set its own goals and objectives. The Environmental Management process will help the company to address regulatory demands in a cost effective manner. It is in a certain way a proactive approach which helps companies enhance their compliance and foster a better working environment for its own employees and the society (EPA 2014). An Environmental Management System also helps organisations, especially large organisations like Canon Inc to address non-regulatory issues such as how to conserve energy and its resources effectively. Canon Inc manufactures over millions of products during a year, conserving energy and resources can generate a lot of profit to the organisation. The basic elements of an Environmental Management Systems, taking Canon Inc into consideration. First of all Canon will have to set up environmental goals or review their existing ones, then they have to analyse the environmental impacts that their business might have and check whether they are complying with relevant legislations. After identifying the environmental impacts, the environmental objectives and targets have to be set, and programs should be established to meet these objectives, usually these programs would include providing training to employees. The company also has to monitor and measure its progress (EPA).

Canon Inc, uses the Environmental Management System

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