Environmental Literacy : Education As If The Earth Mattered Essay

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In David Orr’s article, “Environmental Literacy: Education as if the Earth Mattered,” he quoted Henry Louis Mencken, one of the most influential American writers in the twentieth century ("The Friends of the H L Mencken House”). According to Mencken, “significant improvement [in education] required only that the schools be burned to the ground and the professoriate hanged” (1). The education system is similar to the prison system in ways that both need to be reformed. Many people, especially youth, don’t appear to have any concern about prisoners because they are criminals. But, like education, prisons also deserve attention. The standard way of thinking about prisoners has it that they go to prison, spend time and come out as a fully changed; however, the reality is far more complicated. The prison system does not do any justice to its prisoners’ rehabilitation. Prisons are designed to benefit corporations, thus, changes in the system to benefit the prisoners is not being prioritized, which is causing the prison population’s substantial increase. In order to decrease the prison population, rehabilitation programs are essential for all prisoners to aid with their re-entry back to the general population.
What does rehabilitation mean for a prisoner? In general, rehabilitation “refers to a process by which a patient’s health is refurnished to its previous or healthy state ("WhatIsRehabilitation.org")”. Rehabilitation was designed to aid a patient on how to deal with physical…

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