Environmental Issues That Are Impacting Florida Essay example

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Over the course of the Pine Jog Fellowship, I Iearned about many different environmental issues that are currently impacting Florida. The five main topics that we covered were Sustainability and Climate Change, Water Quality and Quantity, Waste Management and Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture, and Biodiversity.

For Sustainability and Climate Change I learned about how we are trying to restore the water quality that we once had in Florida as well as what an increase in climate will do to our environment. As Grassy Waters Preserve, I learned that there are fifty percent less wetlands than there originally was in Florida. Wetlands are important because they are what recharge our groundwater. Grassy Waters is working to restore the habitat for native wildlife to inhabit. Just since the year 1930, there has been a sixteen centimeter increase in water levels at Grassy Waters. Every inch of rain water over a square mile is 17.4 million gallons of water. I also learned about the sea level rise projection and how it will impact almost everyone living in Florida, anywhere from a one to four-foot sea level rise could flood areas areas and eventually put homes completely underwater. Groups like the Nature Conservancy buys land to conserve for the future. Their main goals are to conserve out critical water supply, secure the fresh water we have, restore the ocean habitats, and reduce the impacts of climate change. Learning about sustainability and climate change opened my eyes to…

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