Essay on Environmental Issues Of The Planet

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The planet earth is home to countless species. Every species of plant, vegetation, insect, animal and human interconnects to one another, creating a complex ecological system. Being a segment of an ecological system that connected to other entities signifies every action, whether significant or trivial, that an individual performs, influences nature and the future of the planet, possibly creating dire consequences that could impact future lives. Water and air pollution, deforestation and climate change threaten what earth will resemble tomorrow. Human activities such production and consumption interact with environmental issues, depleting resources, raising greenhouse gas emissions, increasing CO2 levels, and leading the planet into a downward spiral. According to James Liu & Chris Sibley (2012), the governments of countries around the world refuse to work together and resolve the issue, with various countries devising additional rules and regulations than other nations. This leaves individuals and environmental groups to pick up the pieces and search for answers on ways to sustain the earth for future generations. To mitigate the issues that are harming our planet, it is important to know what other attitudes and opinions about the environmental issues happening today and in the future. Peoples concerns for the environment range from denial of any environmental problems to the individual who is distressed, considering the sky is falling and the world will cease…

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