Essay on Environmental Issues Of The Earth

1550 Words Mar 7th, 2016 null Page
The Earth is currently facing detrimental environmental issues. These issues have been evident for decades; however, many people have continuously denied them to be problematic or even their existence entirely. While these critics have managed to get away with the rejection of these problems for many years, it is no longer deniable that the issue of environmental degradation is very real and in need of immediate action. Much of the population has come to understand this, and have executed a variety of modest attempts to increase environmental sustainability. However, these efforts have demonstrated to be of minimal effect in solving the large-scale issues directly causing the degradation. Pollution, global warming, deforestation, and a plethora of other human impacts rapidly continue to destroy the planet, and in order to obstruct them, it is necessary that the public take on active roles as citizens of both the United States as well as the world in order figure out a definite method to reverse the damage that has been done. This is where the determination of the meaning of citizenship becomes vital. The way that a population chooses to define citizenship essentially determines the way in which they will go about their private and, more importantly, political lives. In other words, one’s perspective in terms of their rights and duties as a citizen will determine the manner in which they participate in politics. The approach to citizenship will determine what kinds of…

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