Essay on Environmental Impacts Of Environmental Change

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Environmental change is a change or disturbance of the environment most often caused by human influences and natural ecological processes. Environmental changes can include any number of things, including natural disasters, human interference, or animal interaction. Environmental change does not only encompass physical changes, but it can be things like an infestation of invasive species is also environmental changes. Throughout history, the global climate has been changing and associated global warming which is attributed to human civilization. Possible adverse effects released in the environment caused by development, industrial, or infrastructural project and eventually this global climate change will affect the environment, the people, and even the other organisms in many ways. Some of these impacts, like stronger hurricanes and severe heat waves, could be life threatening. However, as the Earth keeps getting warmer, the impact on the environment increases (Bailey et al, pg. 10). Therefore actions undertaken to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change are necessary.
Currently, before undertaking any individual projects, environmental impact assessment is carried out, Environmental Impact Assessment is a process of evaluating the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project or development, taking into account inter-related socio-economic, cultural and human health impacts, both beneficial and adverse. It is a UNEP tool that is used to…

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