Environmental Impacts Of Agriculture And Agriculture Essay

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Agriculture covers thirty-eight percent of Earth’s land surface, but the land has continually been turned into cropland as the world’s population steadily increases (Brennan, Withgott pg. 225). Food is a necessity to human survival, however, agriculture, specifically industrial agriculture has caused multiple environmental impacts. Compared to the other land uses, agriculture causes the most harm to the planet due to the use of inorganic fertilizers, machinery, irrigation, pesticides, monocultures, and the problem of overgrazing. In order to fix these impacts, solutions must be made and applied. Luckily, there are solutions for many of these problems. Now, there are numerous reasons why those problems cause environmental impacts The biggest problem with agriculture is that land needs to be cleared, usually by deforestation, which destroys or causes fragmented habitats. The habitat loss threatens entire ecosystems and the species within those ecosystems(Natural Habitats Converted to Monocultures). In the 1800’s a series of laws called the Swamp Land Acts encouraged people to drain wetlands for the use of agriculture, however, today scientists have found that wetlands are critical ecosystems( Brennan, Withgott pg. 245). New regulations were created to help protect the remaining wetlands, but wetlands are still being lost, which causes a loss in biodiversity and ecosystem services. Another issue involving agriculture is the effects of soil in the form of erosion and…

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