Environmental Impact On Offshore Wind Essay

1184 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Offshore wind energy is an innovative approach to addressing climate change and the global energy crisis. Although many projects have begun, there are currently no offshore operational projects in the United States. Through the case study of the failed Cape Wind project, we can better understand the importance of integrating aspects of land use planning, environmental impact assessments, and historical and human considerations when designing a project like an offshore wind plant. Furthermore, through investigating the design process for a new and large offshore wind farm—such as the Bay State Wind project—the essential considerations and complexities behind developing and siting a wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts (MA) can be revealed. DONG Energy, the project developer and a leading Danish wind energy firm, has over 20 years of offshore experience and a total installed capacity of 3,000 MW. The company was attracted to MA because it has “some of the best offshore wind conditions in the world,” and site conditions which are similar to conditions at their current European installations—meaning they can use “well-known technology and logistics.” While a lot of pre-permitting has been completed, the next three years will consist of further research and planning towards permitting and construction. It is expected that permitting will finish in 2019, enabling construction to begin in 2020. Over 100 public meetings have been held with business leaders, fishermen,…

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