Environmental Impact Of Trade Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The transpiration vehicles themselves are the most obvious parts that support trade. With the trade locations in distant locations, ships provided the most efficient means of transporting goods. While ships were primarily used for warfare they could also serve as transportation for traded goods (Cipolla, 1996). The construction and use of these ships posed an environmental impact however. Wooden ships required the destruction of areas of forest and at this stage in time there likely was not a economic incentive to replant the razed area since there still were large areas of remaining forests for future ship construction.

The strength of the Europeans was concentrated in the water and not on the land (Cipolla, 1996). If the Europeans needed to use their military might to forge a trade route, they would be best to keep the destination close to shore. In this case the Europeans would have a much more spread out trade network but it would also increase the degree of sprawl present in trading. It may seem beneficial for European countries to deplete resources in a broad sense over a large area since no particular region is severely impacted. However once major depletion occurs by the West the
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If a resource for trading becomes too scarce and multiple parties cannot agree to who owns the commodity, then a war can start that would increase the environmental consequences. Here the effect on the environment is created twice, first for the near depletion of a resource and second for the side effects caused by war. For example war often leaves large amounts of debris behind as a result of the fighting that may not be cleaned up for an extended period of time. This non-natural debris may interfere with the normal functioning of an

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