Exponential Population

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Population Growth Population growth rate on Earth is increasing exponentially; in fact, it is believed that the population will increase to more than 9 billion people by the middle of the century (United States Census Bureau, 2016). This is an unimaginable increase from the two and a half billion souls Earth had just in 1950 alone (Population Institute, 2016). The impact has raised serious concerns for the planet and it sustainability. The population increases in both developed countries and underdeveloped countries as well. The environmental impact of each is starkly different for one another and should be compared accordingly as each impacts the environment differently.
Environmental Impact of Developing Countries Developing countries,
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The population is growing at an exponential rate and utilizing the Earth’s natural resources has become a global endeavor to manage. Industrialized nations have the potential to produce tremendous amounts of emissions per capita; consequently, it also has the means to develop new renewable energy sources to maintain the quality of life it is accustomed to and still reduce the overall carbon footprint it sets. Developing nations therefore, ought to be a primary focus in the coming decades as the potential for population growth to become an epidemic, via technological advances and availability of them, is highly likely. Education and family planning may help thwart the population to some degree in developing nations; consequently, as new technology and medical advances prevail, even small increases to the population will have a more profound effect as the life expectancy of those in underdeveloped nations will begin to match those of more developed nations; thus, requiring more resources to sustain them. Therefore, outside of a global natural disaster that greatly reduces the Earth’s population; a concerted effort must be made globally to ensure there are ample resources available for the 100 years and

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