Essay on Environmental Hazards : An Environmental Hazard

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An environmental hazard poses a threat to not only the surrounding environment, but potentially to the health of people living in that area. An environmental hazard can be anything from toxic waste production, air pollution, garbage disposal to pesticide poisons. This wide range of dangerous hazards all produce adverse effects; creating an overall negative impact. Location of these environmental hazards are usually distributed based on race and income. In which most of these communities do not have enough power to speak against the development of these unwanted environmental hazards. This exposure in low income and minority areas generate many predicted dangers, but is still done despite the outcome. Inevitably as time passes, these environmental hazards will become uncontrollable and have lasting consequences on both the land, surrounding environment, and the people. Unfortunately, as the need expands for these certain hazards, more places will be considered and the locations of these hazardous factors will continue to grow. It may not have been intentional at first, but this issue is not being considered on a larger scale based on how this will alter what is to come in the future.
Sustainability can be interpreted in many ways, in which being sustainable exists at various levels. A widely used definition of the word sustainability comes from the UN Bruntland commission that a “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising…

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