Environmental Goals And Reflection

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My environmental background has helped me be in engaged conversations in the classroom. Environment is one my passions and I love when I find people who share that passion. I believe that treating our earth justly is important. Through this class, I have made that connection with humanity as well. I have learned humanity and the earth are two entities which are intimately related. However, before this class I did not see this connection. Therefore, many of my hours spent were focused solely on the environment rather than humanity and the environment. This is one of my blind spots which has been filled through this class. Diversity has never been an issue brought up in the family or school environment. My social circle has hinted at …show more content…
I have already done this somewhat in my first semester here. Getting involved in the College of Natural Resources has been easy since I am Paper Science and Engineering intent. Through the Paper Science program, I have met and befriended the Natural Resources Ambassadors and volunteered for the Natural Resources Pathways event. I have also found a job in the College of Natural Resources, becoming a pre-editor for NC State’s Bio resources journal. Every person I have met in the program has been nothing but friendly and down to earth. I have always had an appreciation for the environment, but this department of the university provides an outlet for me to express that passion. Moreover, I have created an outlet to express my love of the gardening through the University Honors Program. With the help of the Quad Area Council, I have received funding and support to create vertical gardens for the residents of the Honors Village. Through this, I can provide a sustainable place for people to grow local fruits and vegetable without the garden having a large footprint. I hope to continue and expand this vertical garden through my four (and hopefully more) years at NC …show more content…
Specifically, I would love to become more like the horticulture teacher at the school. The teacher, Mrs. Riedel, is very passionate about helping people through the environment. She realizes that the world is running out of resources and knows by the year 2050, over 9 billion people are projected to be on earth. This is a problem, as we cannot feed 7 billion people right now. She adopts the idea to think globally and act locally. I look up to her as a role model in helping people.
In conclusion, I hope to find a way to express my love for the environment and further strength that aspect in my life. I would also like the become more equipped to cause change in the way society views race and diversity. This is an area where I admittedly know much less, but I hope to learn through experience. Of course, these changes to my personality require immense amounts of work, with cannot be done watching Netflix on my bed. I need courage to create change in the community, which this

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