Environmental & Global Health Issues Essays

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Environmental & Global Health Issues
Barbara Salinas
Community Health Practice SZT1
Western Governors University
August 29, 2014

Environmental & Global Health Issues
The first pandemic of the 21st century began in February of 2003. The people of Asia were the first to be infected but the disease quickly spread world-wide. By the end of this pandemic over 8,000 people had become ill and 774 had died. The illness associated with this pandemic is known as Severe Acute Reparatory Syndrome, or SARS.
The infectious agent associated with SARS is a virus that appears to have crown-like spikes on its surface. This virus is known as the coronavirus. This virus has four sub-groups and was commonly known to infect animals.
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As this disease progresses hospitalization may be necessary to treat those with severe symptoms such as respiratory distress requiring mechanical ventilation, multiple organ failure, or sepsis (Peiris, Yuen, Osterhause, & Stohr, 2003).
Individuals who were strong enough to survive this disease often times suffered from the long-term effects. Respiratory impairment, lung fibrosis, and muscle weakness were common symptoms that occurred in 6 to 20 percent of the individuals who had been discharged from the hospital. Some of these indiviuals also suffered from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder due to the severity of the illness and the hospitalization (Peiris, Yuen, Osterhause, & Stohr, 2003). Diagnosing SARS is a difficult task. The World Health Organization states that the diagnosis of SARS is an “acute febrile illness with respiratory symptoms not attributed to another cause and a history of exposeure to a suspect or probable case of SARS or their respiratory secretioins and other bodily fluids.” There are some laboratory tests that are being investigated to help to identify the SARS-CoV virus. Some of these tests include reverse transcription polymerase chain reacton (RT-PCR), anti-body tests, and cell cultures. While positive results identify the SARS-CoV virus as an infecting agent, a negative result can not be

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