Environmental Factors Influencing The Health Of Your Unborn Child

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Many environmental factors play a role in the health of your unborn child therefore creating a risk factor for your child developing cerebral palsy. Small habits such as smoking drinking alcohol and use of any illicit drugs is putting your unborn baby at risk for permanent and potential health One of the most common questions about cerebral palsy is, is cerebral palsy genetic? 'A growing body of evidence ' suggests that cerebral palsy is a result of a combination of genetic factors, like those of neurodevelopment disorders such as autism. Some genetic contributions effect the brain malformations, miswiring the nerve cell connections leading them to cause cerebral palsy. Also there are record of some dysfunctional hereditary genes that prevent the brain developing fully and healthy (cerebralpalsy.org, 2016). In modern advancement of medical technology, it is possible for researchers to study brain injuries and brain malformation enabling them to understand how the genetic mutations develop abnormal pathways to brain development (cerebralpalsy.org, 2016). As a result of this research scientists have began to research to identify risk factors, prevention measures and surgical techniques for cerebral palsy (cerebralpalsy.org, 2016).

Cerebral palsy is not a hereditary condition, however research has proven hereditary factors can predispose an individual to cerebral palsy (cerebralpalsy.org, 2016). A study published in 'Genetic factors in athetoid cerebral palsy ' recognised…

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