Environmental Factors Influence On Ageing Essay

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State of Science The idea that environmental factors influence on ageing is not new and it has been considered by environmental gerontologists since 1970s (Lawton & Nahemow, 1973). However, the idea is drawn attention a decade ago under the name of age-friendly environment. A key driver of this movements toward age-friendly environment is the Global Age-Friendly Cities project by WHO. This initiative has been focused on urban areas (WHO, 2007) and there is another trend of age-friendly environment for rural areas. In this section, practices and research on age-friendly environment will be explored in these two different directions of urban and rural.
The major effort into research and practices on urban age-friendly environment is the Global Age-Friendly Cities project by WHO in 2006. In this initiative, focus group interviews were conducted with older adults, caregivers, and aging-service providers in 33 cities in 22 countries and 8 domains of urban age-friendly environment were confirmed (the domains were mentioned in the operational definition section) (WHO, 2007). In this qualitative research, accessible environment in aspects of a quality, a distance, and a cost; safe environment; and diverse options are presented as the important features of urban age-friendly environment (Plouffe & Kalache, 2010).
On the other hand, there is a different direction of age-friendly environment movement toward rural/remote areas. The representative initiative is the Age-Friendly…

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