Multiple Sclerosis Essay

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Multiple Sclerosis is an immune-mediated disease. This immune mediated process is directed towards the central nervous system. Through this process it causes the immune system to surround and attack the myelin around the nerve fibers in the body of the victim. Once this myelin has been stripped from the nerve endings, it is very hard for it to regenerate or repair itself. These attacks against the body interrupts and distorts nerve impulses traveling to the brain. MS is a common name for Multiple Sclerosis. The cause of MS is still unknown, however there are a few medical theories around it. It is thought to be a combination of environmental factors and genetic susceptibility. The idea of genetic factors is that people living with Multiple …show more content…
The theory of environmental factors is another possible explanation of this disease. Some believe that the disease lies dormant in the victim’s body until some environmental factor triggers it. Catching the common herpes virus or the measles can trigger Multiple Sclerosis. Around 400,000 people across the United States have been diagnosed with MS, and about 2.5 million people worldwide have been diagnosed. These numbers are an estimate by experts in the field because there is no registry for this disease. The average age of clinical onset is between 30-33 years old. However the average age for actual diagnosis is 37 years old. Only 10% cases are diagnosed after the age of 50 years old.
In the primary-progressive type of MS the numbers are close to equal between men and women being diagnosed. However, women are three times more likely to develop relapsing multiple sclerosis. People who live further away from the equator are more likely to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at some point in their life. Populations exposed to more amounts of ultraviolet radiation or sunshine had lower rates of multiple sclerosis. Caucasians are more susceptible to developing MS than those with African heritage. Those of African background tend to be older when diagnosed, but show more symptoms and signs. However, when they are diagnosed they show more signs of Opticospinal MS, which is multiple sclerosis in the spinal cord and optic

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