Is Monsanto Good Or Bad

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Most people hate having to eat healthy vegetables because they complain that they taste bad. But, Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Organisms, vegetables, fruits, boxed meals, and animal products make everything taste better than ever. Monsanto is an American agricultural corporation and the world’s largest producer of genetically modified seeds, which have caused much concern because most people would consider their food unhealthy and toxic. Corn is a staple food used in many ways throughout the food industry. Growing it takes time, money, and lots of pesticides to protect the crops from bugs, vermin, and fungus. Pesticides made from big biotech companies are harmful for humans, animals, and the environment. Because bugs usually affect crops, …show more content…
Kleinpeter Dairy has experienced this first hand when Monsanto confronted them about how they were labeling their dairy products. Kleinpeter Dairy has a label on the front of their product saying that their cows were not treated with rBGH but the back of the packaging reads, “Government studies have shown no significant difference between milk derived from rBGH-treated and non-rBGH-treated cows,” (Barlett and Steele). Because of all the commotion and the fight Monsanto put up, dairy farms can only label their products to say that the milk products come from non-supplemented cows. They cannot specifically say that they were not treated with rBST or rBGH (Barlett & Steele, …show more content…
A Monsanto spy threatened a farmer by the name of Gary Rinehart accusing him of planting Monsanto’s genetically modified soybeans. Rinehart is only one of many farmers that have been confronted by Monsanto if they suspect that they have violating their seed policy. Monsanto has a strong reputation for enforcing it’s patent and suing anyone who may have allegedly violated them. Monsanto will sue them even if there is accidental cross-pollination. If farmers reuse the seeds or sell them to other farmers, they are goners because as Monsanto said, “Monsanto is big. You can’t win. We will get you. You will pay.” Writing their own laws and getting mostly everything their way, Monsanto has connections with Washington D.C., the FDA, the USDA and the Supreme Court. Court cases, hearings, and acts developed by Monsanto have always passed and won. This is another reason Monsanto cannot be fully trusted with their products because they are friends with everyone. Friends do things for friends, which is why Monsanto has so much power and control over

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