Environmental Effects Of Global Warming Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Coral reefs are expected to increase by up to a third in size. Elephant seal pups are thinner because their prey is migrating to cooler waters. Turtles are changing behavior as well, the loggerhead is laying eggs 10 days earlier and the Hawkbill turtle hatchlings are having more females then males due to temperature changes. Birds are changing their diets to insects that do not consume leaves that have been treated with high amounts of pesticides. This means that global warming is going to cause many of our animal species to become endangered if not extinct. The only change in global warming is the rising temperatures and the depletion of the ozone layer. Statistics show from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that average temperatures have increased .56 degrees Fahrenheit per decade since 1979. Global warming affects the economy because people will stop using as much oil due to the fact that the burning of oil and coal destroys the ozone layer. Therefore the economy will be affected when more people switch to natural gas, wind power, solar energy, etc. People will have to spend more money for air conditioning in their houses as the …show more content…
They also suggested planting more trees and plants since they absorb CO2. The advantages for these are that they will all help global warming become less of a problem. The disadvantages are that they are expensive, inconvenient and nuclear power is dangerous. Our idea for a possible solution is to not use aerosol cans. They emit harmful chemicals that deplete the ozone. The pro’s for this idea is that it will help save the earth. The disadvantages for not using aerosol cans anymore is that many people use them for everyday activities and would be hard to find

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