Environmental Damage Due to Development Has Affected Tourism in the Caribbean: Inevitable.

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TOPIC: Environmental Damage Due to Development Has Affected Tourism in the Caribbean: Inevitable.
Audience: Faculty of built environment and tourism management students.
PURPOSE: To convince students that environmental damage is inevitable and precautionary measures should be taken to lessen this problem to ensure that the Caribbean keeps it title as a “tourist destination”.
THESIS: Within in the Caribbean environmental damage is inevitable and one should focus on minimizing the effects of progress, change and advancement and take precautionary measures to lessen the potential damage which can occur and decrease the arrivals of visitors to the Caribbean.
I. The improvement to people’s standard of living, infrastructure and
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C. In the pursuit of economic progress the environment is being sacrificed however many Caribbean such as Belize, Grenada are exploring and practising the option of sustainable development as a feasible application. III. In order to fulfill the demands and needs of a continually growing population environmental damage is inevitable. A. Due the lack of consciousness and knowledge of the public about environmental protection contributes to inevitable damage. B. Uncontrolled population growth has a negative impact on the environment and is a major contributor to pollution and depletion of resources which is seen by visitors as a health hazard and opt to go to other destinations.
Counter Claim IV. Some have argued that environmental damage is preventable and as such should focus their efforts on prevention. A. With the increase and advancement in our knowledge about the environment it can be used to better educate and solve some of the environmental problems which occur in the Caribbean however this requires funding that many governments don’t have or many don’t find necessary when compared to the interim financial gain however fund infrastructure for tourism growth without considering the effect on the

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