Environmental Changes And Environmental Change Essay

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Cities are Recognized as Sources and Solutions to Environmental Change

Cities are progressively known as both sources and solutions of environmental change because cities enhance the green house gases in the atmosphere. Statistics show us that 50% of the global population uses up approximately 73% of the world’s energy and consequently releases 80% of the total amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (Short, 2015). Some effects of these actions and the result of rapid population growth, include desertification, deforestation and loss of biodiversity. The effects of cities must be viewed on a local scale rather than a global scale as cities play an important role as the building blocks to complete environmental change

Cities are recognized as sources of environmental change because they have caused a lot of pollution in the atmosphere. This pollution is mostly caused by businesses and factories, which are the most economically important aspects in a city. Some of this pollution may include air pollution, such as airborne nitrogen. Nitrogen is naturally needed in the atmosphere by plants and animals, however due to the burning of fossil fuels, for industries and transportation, it releases nitrogen oxide into the air, which creates an imbalance of the concentration of nitrogen in the atmosphere. This may lead to acid rain and smog (EPA, 2016). Environmental alteration was set in course a long time ago, from the burning of fossil fuels to the clearing of land for…

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