Essay on Environmental Challenges Facing The American

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Environmental Challenges Facing the American
Auto Industry
According to the document released by the US Environmental Protection Agency, there are 251 million registered passengers’ cars currently in use in the country. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) coordinated effort have resulted in the production of reduced greenhouse gas emissions to improved fuel use of all vehicles types. A survey conducted by DuPont and The Society of the Automotive Industry revealed that more than 50 percent of car designers and engineers expressed such environmental factors as fuel efficiency and emission regulations are the biggest challenges of the auto industry.
The Challenges:
Government Regulations: the strict regulatory documents that promulgated the protection of environment though reduced greenhouse gas emission, reduced oil use and fuel efficiency have pushed the industry to a great extent come up with new designs and use of ecofriendly materials in the process of production. An instance of this kind of regulation is the new Phase 2 Fuel Efficiency and GHG Emissions Standards MY2018-2027. Under this program automotive industries are heavily challenged to abide by the requirements in the production of fuel efficient and reduced carbon emission vehicles urging them to innovative manufacturing. These standards are aimed to bring the benefits mentioned underneath during the life time of the vehicles sold under…

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