Essay about Environmental And Health Related Effects On The Environment

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Nowadays, we think that much of our fresh foods and produce come directly from supermarkets since we directly buy it from them. But what we don’t see is the amount of transportation it takes for the food to get there, how much water and land it takes to make the food, and even where it comes from. Just like how supermarkets create such illusions of abundance and variety, the foods we consume everyday hide many environmental and health related effects right in front of our faces. Convenient foods often contain wasteful plastic packaging that end up polluting the environment. Foods that contain meat, dairy, or eggs are our daily staple, but it requires more energy to produce these foods because of trophic level efficiency (Porter, 2003, pp.4-5). Thus, we end up wasting a lot of water, vegetables, and land to produce a beef patty when it would less taxing on the environment to eat the same amount of protein in beans. Even if we decided to ditch the cow and eat consciously, it would cost a fortune to purchase organic and local produce. These inherent problems found in our dietary choices and what impacts these foods have is the basis of our study. The purpose of this study is to compare the nutritional values, environmental impacts, and costs of three different diets. These diets include one that has a low environmental impact, one that is convenient for our modern lives, and one that has a low cost. Through the data that we collect, we will see how our economic system…

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