Environmental And Economic Argument Analysis

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Once again we come to the scene of an environmental and economic argument. I think it is demonstrated on the news and in many scholarly settings. I liked the contrast in options offered in the two videos that we witnessed in the video. The opinion held by a majority of the democratic community is that the earth is on the fast track to self-destruction, and anyone who denies this is inhibiting the world of opportunity and time to heal is selfish and immoral. On the opposing side the republicans view the democrats as a having an agenda, which ultimately feeds their need for funding for environmental research and projects. Global warming, also known as climate change, is the platform that republicans associate with the liberal agenda.
Will voluntary actions,
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The cleanliness that i speak of is littering. Wasteful consumption, lack of creativity in reusable products. I do however, not believe that the earth on the brink of environmental chaos and destruction. I think that the earth has been sustaining its inhabitants for thousands of years. In order to survive all species on this earth are consuming something. Without the consumption of an energy source we would not be able to cook food, build a shelter, keep warm, or even keep ourselves hydrated. As our wants, desires and needs grow so does the energy that we consume. Nothing has changed as time has moved on yet the idea of energy consumption is on everyone’s minds. I think that politics are often built off of trends and sales pitches. I think that one of the current sales pitches is global warming. When our early ancestors were using wood as an energy source would they didn’t even know about energy sources like coal, gas, nuclear, or wind sources. Any time anyone uses energy, pollutants are emitted in some way or another. These pollutants have

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