Environment 's Effects On Children Development And Education Essay examples

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Environment’s Effects on Children Development and Education
Danya De La Cruz Campos
University of Houston

A child’s mind is more susceptible to the environment than one of an adult. They are more likely to learn new patterns of behavior since their brain is still developing. When we were kids, we unconsciously reflected the behaviors similar from our parents, siblings and other kids we used to hang out with. We did not only mimic the people we saw in real life but also popular characters that caused admiration to us like the ones in the TV shows, movies or comics. Also, our behavior was a mere reflection of the nation and the culture that we lived in. Therefore, it can be well said that a Child’s live interactions can have a huge impact in their academic and social Development. In one of her books, the author J. Kunz explained the impacts of the environment on a child’s development by putting as example the Bronfenbrenner’s environmental systems Theory. She described that Microsystems are the principal interaction in a child’s live, giving as an example the family and school. Also presenting the effects that relationship between microsystems have on a child, so called mesosystems. (2013). The direct family in which a child grows up, is obviously going to have the major role in a kid’s socialization process, than that of the institution that they attend. For instance, we can conclude that the Family interactions affect directly a child’s academic…

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