Environment Pollution Is An International Concern Since It Affects The Environment And Public Environment

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Environment pollution is an international concern since it affects the environment and public’s health. All citizens and animals around the world are affected by environment pollution because the earth is our home and we are the occupants. Human have the tendency to forget how harmful pollution is affect our everyday life. Therefore, they are unaware about the imminent consequence such as health related problems, global warming, deterioration of environment.
Environmental pollution is caused by a combination of air, land and water pollution which are contribute to global warming. According to National Park service, air pollution are materialize relate to gas and particle contamination that are present in earth’s atmosphere (NPS). Every entities currently living on earth that are exhale carbon dioxide when they inhale air. Carbon dioxide is considered to be relating with automobiles, aircraft and other operation that are require the usage of natural gas and gasoline. In past century, those actions have pumped abundant amount of carbon dioxide into the air and raise its toxics higher than they have been for hundreds of thousands of years (NAGEO). Air pollution also come from nature known as volcanic activities and dust storms. There are many solution which are in effect to help reduce the air pollution such as promote to a more environmental friendly energy and avoiding usage of natural gas and gasoline. The alternative energy will be come from solar and wind power which will…

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