Environment Management : Controlling Your Classroom Environment

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Environment management. Controlling your classroom environment is an easy way to appeal to students and really does not take a whole lot of time. Plants are a good addition to any room as they add color and life to your classroom. Also, it gives students some sense of responsibility for the room when you have the students keeping the plants watered. I also like to keep trash cans around my room so that students don’t have to get up and interrupt the class to throw trash away. Another comforting addition to my classroom is a display of student work. The students create autobiographies at the beginning of the school year and I have them displayed on the wall. The students could choose the format of their autobiography so this display shows all of the diversity of my students and it looks great! Students love to see each other’s work and to see their own work on the walls. Keeping the classroom well-organized and uncluttered are key attributes in order for students to feel welcome and comfortable. Worst case scenario for the classroom environment would be to have nothing on your walls to show which class you are teaching. Students would walk in and not really know which class they are in and this would cause them to feel unloved and uncomfortable. The physical environment truly does contribute to the emotional environment in any given class so I am sure to keep it student-friendly.
Student behavior. Classroom management and student behavior are directly correlated.…

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