Essay Environment And Its Impact On Society

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The environment is known as the natural world in which we live. It is the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. The environment affects our society everyday. What we decide to do during the day, where we go to vacation, and ultimately where we live. Luckily for us, our society and civilization had already been established with certain rules and customs. Those people who lived in the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greek culture believed that the environment was everything to their society. Environment influenced religion in the same way in all three societies, but also influenced change and improving within political structures in each society.
Environment played a major role in the society of the Mesopotamians. The environment not only played a major role in the type of religion the society embraced, but also how they worship there gods. The Mesopotamians were polytheistic, which means they have they have the belief in many gods. Their interpretation of religion is quite different from what we see from the Egyptians and the Greeks. They believed that different gods and goddess controlled different parts of the environment. In “The Flood,” from the Epic of Gilgamesh, pg. 1-2 it states that “Warrior Ellil their counselor, Ninurta was chamberlain, Ennugi their canal-controller. The environment led the Mesopotamians to believe that not one entity controlled the whole world but many entities controlled different aspects of their life.…

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