Enviromental Science Essay

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ENVS 1000 – Environmental Science - Winter 2014 - Assignment # 1

This Assignment is worth 6% of your final mark in ENVS 1000

Assignment # 1 is due by Thursday February 6, 2014 (by 5 p.m.) through the Blackboard Assignment Box.



As you watch this movie, answer the following questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Keep answers brief and concise. (Note: You do not need to use all of the space provided for each question)

1. Questions on Earth’s History:

(a) What were three characteristics of the early Earth?
1) Conserve water in perfect forms
2) Molten rocks
3) Atmosphere
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(c) What is ‘fossil water’?
Fossil water is groundwater that has stayed sealed in an aquifer for a long time. Water can respite underground for millions of years. When changes are made in the nearby geology seal the aquifer off from further refilling from rain, the water becomes locked inside and is known as fossil water. Fossil water is a non –renewable resource.

(d) What country is at most risk for water shortages in future and why?
India is at most risk for water shortage in the future because the underground water reserves are reducing due to over population.

(e) The rainforests of Borneo have been destroyed to provide land for growing palm trees which has led to loss of biodiversity. What products use the oil produce from these trees? 1) food
2) cosmetics
3) Detergent
4) Alternative fuels

(f) What are two factors that have been suggested to account for the disappearance of the Rapa Nui civilization from Easter Island?

1) exploited their resources
2) garbage piles

(g) What are three indications of climate change and global warming in the past 50 years?


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