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Final Examination

There are 40 multiple-choice questions worth 1/2 point each (total of 20 pts.). Good luck!

Answer the following multiple-choice questions by highlighting your answer. Make only one choice that best answers the question.

1. The ability to meet humanity’s current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs is a. ecology. b. environmental sustainability. c. natural balance. d. synergism. e. environmental science.

2. The one central problem of environmental science that links all other problems together is that: a. we are using up our supplies of fossil fuels. b. we are
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carrying capacity.

14. Stratospheric ozone is important because it: a. absorbs UV radiation. b. is what we breathe. c. powers the weather cycle. d. is an industrial pollutant. e. is part of the troposphere.

15. The atmosphere consists of five concentric layers. What is the order of these layers starting at the Earth’s surface?

I. troposphere II. thermosphere III. mesosphere IV. stratosphere V. exosphere

a) I – II – III – IV - V b) I – IV – III – II - V c) V – II – III – I - IV d) II – III – V – IV - I e) V – IV – III – II – I

16. Fine solids or liquid droplets suspended in the atmosphere are known as: a. primary air pollutants. b. secondary air pollutants. c. hydrocarbons. d. particulate matter. e. hazardous air pollutants.

17. Which of the following activities is responsible for the largest percentage of human-made carbon dioxide emissions? a. burning fossil fuels b. deforestation c. ozone depletion d. acid deposition e. agriculture

18. The international treaty which provides operational rules on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is called a. Kyoto Protocol. b. Montreal Protocol. c. IPCC Protocol. d. Mount

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