Entwistle Book Review Essay

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Book Review:
Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: David Entwistle
Yvonne M. Garcia
Liberty University

David Entwistle’s (2010) book, Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity: An introduction to worldview issues, philosophical foundations, and models of integration, opens the reader’s eyes to unexpected possibilities, beginning with the often combative regimes of faith and reason using Tertullian’s symbolism of Athens as the seat of reason and Jerusalem as the seat of faith; which is the basic ongoing battle between science and religion (Entwistle, 2010). What Entwistle addresses is his belief that integration of the disciple of psychology and Christianity is possible, each contributing to the
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206). Our individual presuppositions along with our starting point affects our view of psychology and theology. As Entwistle (2010) says, decidedly Christian individuals will begin with a “biblical anthropology that makes certain assumptions about what it means to be human (e.g., created, fallen) and the purpose of human life…” (p. 207).
Concrete Response
As I read Entwistle’s book I thought back on my life. I became aware of the change in my world view and how it affected my whole outlook on life. Like Entwistle said the worldview of a person creates all our presuppositions and our biases. It affects the way we feel about being human and whether we were created by God or a spontaneous accidental life form. Reading the book cleared the fog and allowed me to see how my own worldview changed and God’s part in the change.
I was not raised in the church. Both of my parents were alcoholics. The world was bleak when I was growing up. There were lots of family secrets, shame, and guilt. I did not believe there was a God and I felt the Bible was a book of historical fairy tales. I read the Bible out of curiosity but at the time I believed the God of the Old Testament was a hateful vindictive God. I followed my parents into addiction. I began drinking and using drugs at a young age. I had no purpose in life except to get more drugs and to stay high. I believed in science

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