Essay on Entry Into Bell Road Branch Ymca Facility

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Entry into Bell Road Branch YMCA facility in Montgomery, Alabama invites one to a world of fitness and sporting. The center offers a variety of services ranging from leisure to fitness. For the sporting personnel, the center is the best place for exercise before games and one of the places to access routine training sessions. The site has got sporting and recreation facilities like swimming pool, skating sites, golf club, and tennis court. The facility also has got ball fields like basketball and football. Gymnasium facilities like the gymnastic field and the riverboat are also available on the site. Pool table and river walk sites are also available at the Bell Road Branch YMCA. On the fitness site, Pulse fitness, resistance and free weight areas are also taken care of by the facilities available. Cardiovascular fitness is also provided. Health and fitness are also a focus in the facility with healthy habits services being offered for different age groups. The mission of the facility is to provide the users with the best healthy experience and to ensure that anyone that enters into it comes out refreshed, healthier, and looking forward to the next session. The mission of the facility is to promote Christian principles and practices through its services that build not only the body and the mind but nurture healthy spirit (Bell Road Branch YCMA n.p). The facility focuses on building the networks across the local community. The focus of the facility is to bring together all…

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