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Entrepreneurship and Government Support
Name: Evans Gwaro
Institution: Kisii University

Entrepreneurship and Government Support
Economic development requires people who are willing to risk their resources to start and operate profit-oriented enterprises in a country. This is the sole responsibility of entrepreneurs. Some scholars argue that entrepreneurship can be given definitions from different viewpoints such as theoretical or operational perspectives. Ogbo and Nwachuku (2012) argue that theoretical dimension covers many activities relating to uncertainties in a business while operational definitions relate to simpler or single activity. Regardless of the point at which an individual stands to define
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In established states, the contribution of small enterprises is higher than that of growing economies due to advanced technology and availability of resources (Ogbo and Nwachuku, 2012). As a matter of fact, developing countries are lagging behind in transport, financial and security sectors which, in turn, impact businesses negatively. As a result, young entrepreneurs find it difficult to excel in their aspiration as they get blown off time after time recording losses which waters down their dreams.
Entrepreneurship is a key contributor to the reduction of crime in many countries because it holds a significant number of younger people accountable by making them prolific throughout periods. Idle minds are recruited to run organizations to earn a living, like the Alshabaab. For instance, in African states, young people should be provided with capital to operate firms which foster their economic growth; thus, preventing them from engaging in criminal events. Furthermore, businesses help individuals to mobilize recourses to address the issue of scarcity. Through opening up of new enterprises, nations are balanced and revenue is spread evenly in all countries enabling citizens to access it. Therefore, entrepreneurs can act as links between governments and other groups of people and benefit the majority population. Moreover, new businesses initiated by upcoming businessmen and women

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