Entreprenuer Essay

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SWOT Analysis

Strength * Samsung is famous for its innovative designs in electronics * Largest share in phone market and retains second position in smartphone market * Samsung sponsored Olympics to establish itself as a global brand. * Strong team of marketing team * Samsung their very creative to come up with promotional strategies to uplift their brand * Strong innovative advertising strategies to improve in product design * Produce best products with lost cost and high quality * Global recognized company * Samsung is good to implement quality initiatives such as Six Sigma and manufacturing initiatives
* Poor brand image in global markets * They focus on too many things at a time
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PEST Analysis

Political factors * Koreans nation doesn’t benefit much from Samsung, due to the are many electronics companies in South Korea & North Korea, competition is high * Recently, it faced weighty political headwinds South Korea. The reason behind this problem is tensions with North Korea.

* In most markets, the political environment is favorable to Samsung’s operations. Still, there are minor problems in some of the foreign markets.

Social Factors * Samsung grew out of a South Korean family business. But as a global company, it has to adopt local condition to run the business smoothly in other countries. * Being a global and multinational organization, Samsung has to maintain Global strategy. * Apart from these issues, Samsung require tailoring their product according to the geographical change and fastest changing consumer preferences in the market. * Socio-cultural factors are different in each country due to lifestyle preferences of the customers. So Samsung has to reorient their

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