Essay about Entrepreneurship, An Economic And Social Influencer Force

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Over the past decades, the entrepreneurial phenomenon has emerged as an economic and social influencer force, which contributes to reduce unemployment and contributes with the improvement of industrial competitiveness. (Audretsch 2012). Even nowadays as the economy announces job losses, entrepreneurships are supporting the creation of new jobs. As a consequence, it seems appropriate to draw attention to entrepreneurship, and especially for the motivations behind creating a new business.
Entrepreneurial motivation is an important contributor to the development of a society. (Hattab 2014) The motivations of an entrepreneur can determine an attitude and different response in starting and developing business (Simmons et al 2016) The present research analysis aims to find out psychographic characteristics, believes and relevant motivations of students who have the intention of creating a new business. This information can be compared with past studies that attribute specific characteristics to the entrepreneur to assure his success and particular incentives to create a new business. The findings of the research allow institutions to recognize attitudes of students towards entrepreneurship and identify the profile of students with the major predisposition to create a company.

Research design:
Considering the needs of the study and the objectives to attach by this, the chosen type of study for this research was descriptive which is a…

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