Essay on Entrepreneurial Spirit

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The three pillars of GCUs College of Business are Entrepreneurial Spirit, Innovation and Servant Leadership. These are three key characteristics that are critical in building a strong foundation for students to succeed in their professional growth and in business. This paper reviews each of these pillars and how they apply personally to my work environment and career development.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
The entrepreneurial spirit is composed of multiple characteristics including but not limited to passion, vision, creativity, autonomy, and risk-taking. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit is an important quality not just for individual success but for that of a business as well. For a business to maintain growth and sustainability it must
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It is part of my role to give recommendations to create new, efficient or better processes, policies, and systems which often do not come to fruition due to red tape and unwillingness to change. As a result of this I am considering going back to a previous company I worked for that embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and was a core component of their culture.
The entrepreneurial spirit and innovation are correlated as innovation is a characteristic of entrepreneurialism. Innovation is viewed as an essential skill for one to demonstrate and also as a direct component for economic growth. Although innovation skills are considered to be a critical skill to possess in business, teaching these qualities and skills are limited in many business programs. Teaching via design thinking approach aids in developing students’ innovation skills by challenging them to use creative thinking and problem solving skills (Lee & Benza, 2015). According to Lee and Benza (2015), “innovation skills cover three basic areas: Thinking (customer service thinking and problem solving), Telling (getting others on board and storytelling) and Doing (learning through experimentation)” (p. 44). I apply innovation skills in my occupation on a daily basis. A key element of my position is to have a customer service mentality and constant problem solving skills. In developing

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