Entrepreneurial Leadership Essay

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Discuss the common elements described in the theories/ philosophies of Case, Kouzes, and Drucker including how their principles/strategies relate to the new definition of entrepreneurial leadership presented in Understanding Entrepreneurial Leadership in today¶s Dynamic Markets. Entrepreneurial Leadership has many different meanings across disciplines. The new definition of Entrepreneurial Leadership is one of an enterprising, transformational leader who operates in adynamic market that offers lucrative opportunities (Tarabishy, Fernald, Solomon, 2010). The theoriesof Case, Kouzes, and Drucker share many similarities to the new definition of entrepreneurialleadership. The main elements shared by these individuals and the new definition of …show more content…
Entrepreneurial leaders can adapt and change based upon theobjectives, the business climate, and other situational factors. This element of entrepreneurialleadership is important because the leader has a heightened awareness of market changes and is willing to make the relevant adjustments in order to produce a better product and to ultimately insurebusiness vitality.Discuss your leadership style or the style you aspire to be and how it compares to transactional,transformation, visionary, charismatic, principled, and entrepreneurial leadership. After taking several leadership style surveys, it appears that my leadership style is participative. Thisstyle of leadership accepts input from individuals when making decisions and/or problem solving, butretain the final say when choices are made. I attempt to keep knowledgeable, competent people withyears of expertise and skill sets, which make me comfortable with obtaining input from additionalteam members. Their opinions are valued and taken under consideration, but I will ultimately decidethe company¶s direction. Although the surveys identified my leadership style as participative, I feelthat my leadership style has similarities with transactional, transformation, visionary, charismatic,principled, and entrepreneurial leadership.Transactional leadership has the least similarity with the

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