Entrepreneurial Education Case Study

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Still a survey done by Entrepreneurial Development Institute India (EDII) in 2003 reveals that young students are afraid of putting their hands in entrepreneurial ventures as they lack confidence, knowledge and ability and they are not satisfied with the hands on support of their universities in the founding process. What ails is not much different curriculum of entrepreneurial education than general management education where it is understood that general business management education has no influence on entrepreneurial activity (Hostager and Decker in 1999). Thus, it follows that there is a need for differentiated contents and teaching methods for entrepreneurial education in India with major thrust on entrepreneurial …show more content…
There are several programmes running under the aegis of Governmental or non-Governmental agencies but most of the learners still happen to be scions of businesspersons. Here it needs to be understood that entrepreneurship is not only about trait or background. Irrespective of the background, an entrepreneurial venture can be started by anyone. One does not have to be genius with killer ideas, one does not have to be totally fearless, one doesn’t have to be an expert of technical business know-how, and one doesn’t have to be scion or sibling of tycoons to start an entrepreneurial venture. In one of the few thorough studies on entrepreneurial characteristics conducted during 1987-2002 by Walter Kuemmerle, the following remarks about successful entrepreneurs were

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