Entrepreneurial Education And Venture Creation Essay examples

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Entrepreneurial confidence can be described as the believe in one’s ability and capacity to effectively organize and coordinate various processes comprising of a combination of both tangible and intangible factors in such a way that allows for meaningful outputs and from which the initiator or individual can generate a sensible income or return (Botham & Graves, 2009; Shane, 2000). It denotes a sense of direction and will; which having identified various risk and impediments as to the successful start-up of the business; yet perseveres and is determined to accomplish the various objectives which it has set out to achieve. Holt (2000) observes that confidence in entrepreneurship is a product of training, experience and exposure to various entrepreneurial scenarios.
2.4 Entrepreneurial Education and Venture Creation
Akpa (2007) opines that entrepreneurship is can be described within the context of the interaction between individuals as complete human beings but with differing objectives or goals within the setting of the workplace; this is as it is primarily concerned with the visualization and realization of innovativeness and creativity by people who can be considered insightful and who through the effective combination of skill, knowledge and materials, are able to actualize their objectives within a socio-economic contextual framework.
The emphasis of entrepreneurship is not solely on innovativeness or creativity but also on the acceptance of change incidences and the…

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