Entrepreneurial Boom Essay

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“The Main Street Entrepreneurship report shows that small businesses activity in the United States was on the rise in 2015, reversing a six-year downward trend.” (Kauffman) For those in the entrepreneurial and small business area, this is a sign of relief as small business activity has surpassed pre-recession levels and is on the rise. Every year thousands of college students finish their studies and enter the workforce as working adults but since the start of the twenty first century, entrepreneurship is on the rise. With the rapid increase of opportunity for new ideas and products this time in age has become known as The Entrepreneurial Boom. Giving many the opportunity to enter business careers like me who want to be able to do the impossible. …show more content…
Luckily for many, this is a great time to start a business, headlines from coast to coast have shown: Valuations of successful startups have hit an all-time high, Funding for early-stage startups is more available than ever, Cost of entry for a startup is at an all-time low, Startup incubators and accelerators are popping up everywhere, Social media is a boon for entrepreneurs and startups, Large corporations have lost their ability to innovate, Women are a growing force as entrepreneurs, and more! The twentieth century is a boom for new business, giving many the opportunity to work for what they want. Mrs. Miller even says take the opportunity, “Know what you want to do and accomplish. Figure it out! The younger you are, the less riskier it is to start a business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are passionate about something then that will be your driving motivation.” (Interview) With this opportunity, many are taking to the entrepreneurial field, with startups at an all time high. Last year, North American crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending campaigns raised $9.46 billion, up 145 percent from 2013, according to consulting firm Massolution. (Alsever) And the expected funding for 2015 was 17.3 Billion, another 182% increase from 2013. These statistics are amazing for the modern-age entrepreneur, giving more the power to fund their goals. With new fields and industries emerging everyday, the creation of new business will be never ending. Along with new generations looking for their place in society, this is only the

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