Entrepreneur Essay

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Entrepreneurs built and create the future and that they are to be found in every walk of life and in every group of people.”A person who habitually creates and innovation built something of recognised value around perceived opportunities”. In this definition there is some key word s to define.
‘A person’ can be a group of a people, a organization.
‘Habitually’ is an important characteristic of entrepreneurs. The true entrepreneurs just cannot stop being an entrepreneur habitually.
‘Creates’ is used to describe that an entrepreneurs are start from the scratch and develop new thing. Entrepreneurs are creator first and builders second.
‘Innovate’ means to build something new. For entrepreneurs every problem is aa new
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4) Open to new ideas and creativity: In business, entrepreneurial must have to spend time and resources on new ideas, encourage people to find faster, better, cheaper, and easier ways to produce results, and improve customer service.
5) Courage to acknowledge and attack constraints: An entrepreneurial able to allocate resources to remove obstacles to the success of the startup, as well as removing constraints on individuals on the team.
6) Reward continuous learning: Entrepreneurial have to encourage people to learn and grow as a normal and natural part of business. That means there will be no punishment for failures, and positive opportunities. Personally, it will help to develop own skills, listening, and reading.
7) Self-discipline for consistency and reliability: An effective leader is totally predictable, calm, positive, and confident, even under pressure. Entrepreneurial must have to handle daily changes
8) Accept responsibility for all actions: They take responsibility if they make any mistake. No excuses, or putting the blame on the economy, competitors, or team members.

Building a successful, sustainable business requires courage, patience, and resilience. It demands a level of commitment that few people are capable of making.
While it is impossible to identify all the traits that are common to all entrepreneurs, it is possible to

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