Entrepreneur Essay

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Entrepreneur Interview Essay
Considering any business, people imagine rich, prosperous, initiative and resourceful entrepreneurs, who successfully started and developed their own company. Today’s interview deals with spa business. Chief Manager of an International A.B.C. Spa company will help us to understand the system of spa business and its profitability. A.B.C Spa cooperates with world leaders and professionals in this sphere. It efficiently provides qualified service for clients. Our interview will help to learn more about spa business on the example of a small A.B.C. Spa branch in America.

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Later each procedure brought 50$ of pure income. We created an average saloon with elements of spa. Its project, design and equipment cost nearly 150,000$.

3. Who is your target market?
Nowadays target market of spa business is rather wide. When starting a business it’s very important to understand marketing. One should know needs of target customers and try to fulfill them. Our spa-saloon is intended for busy people, tired of smog and contaminated city. Everybody needs relaxation. Our target market consists of people who care about skin, hair, nails and figure, and feel uneasy being untidy. People struggle against stress and constant tiredness. Youth often faces skin problems. Saloons save time, provide positive emotions and effective appearance.

4. Did you do any primary or secondary research?
As I have mentioned, we didn’t have much experience in this sphere. But we were young, initiative and ambitious, and looked for any opportunity to start a business. Spa sphere was already developed. That’s why we used secondary research. We read publications and followed the example of successful entrepreneurs.

5. If you had it to do all over again, would you do anything differently? What mistakes did you make?
I must admit we surely made few mistakes, as nothing can be done perfectly. We had some problems with selling our business plan for example, as it wasn’t accepted, being incomplete. Few other aspects dissatisfied the claims, but

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