Entourage Final Paper

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Communication is a tremendous aspect of everyday life. The effects of positive and negative communication are imperative to making deals, providing information, and even everyday office interaction. The way people communicate with each other defines their character, especially in an office setting. Positive communication skills are appreciated and are the basis of running a successful company. Conversely, negative communication can lead to business failure, as well as poor relationships with co-workers. Three positive methods of communication are active listening, effective speaking, and confidence. Three negative methods of communication are strong reactions, providing misleading information, and the use improper communication tools. Ari …show more content…
If he allowed his employee to explain himself, it could have been avoided. Ari’s persona of the crazy boss can seriously hurt his business because of him being so unapproachable. If a problem or question needs to be brought to his attention, employees are nervous and not fully forthcoming to avoid scrutiny. This miscommunication can directly result in a bigger problem and is an effect of strong reactions. Providing misleading information is a horrible aspect of negative communication. It takes a toll on employees and clients alike. Giving misleading information can provide false hope for a client. Poor decisions are often made off the basis of invalid information. A domino effect often occurs from misleading information, as it is passed down through the ranks of a business. Mistakes will happen throughout the business leading to decreased productivity (Julia Forneris). Ari will provide misleading information to his clients to cover his back. He wants the clients to be under the impression that he has everything under control. This can be detrimental to relationships if his misleading were unmasked, mistrust occurs. Another problem with Ari’s method of misleading information is it gives clients false hope. Vince, who is Ari’s main client, bought a house based on the word of Ari that he had gotten the role in a movie. Ari said that he scored the lead role in Aquaman, when in fact the role was still

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