Entertainment in the Victorian Era Essay

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What did people in Victorian England do in their free time? “The evolving of man does not drive change -- it enables change.” (Unknown) Today, people surf the web, play video games, listen to their iPods, and watch TV (among other things). But back in the late 1700s/early 1800s, they did not have TVs, iPods, video games, or computers. With the resources available then, they would play sports, pick up a book to read, or have play time. One thing that has carried through the centuries is athletics. Although the types of athletic activities have altered somewhat, a few have stayed alive and are performed today. In the Victorian Era in England, people played two kinds of sports: recreational sports and competitive sports. …show more content…
It wasn't that successful and free kicks (1877) and penalty kicks (1891) had to be brought in later to clamp down on foul play. (Hobbies)
Lawn tennis was another popular sport for middle-class women. At first proper tennis involved patting the ball back and forth, without keeping score but players were soon caught up in the competitive spirit of the game, finding it an excellent method of exercise and a useful mental and physical outlet. More active than croquet or archery, tennis also appealed to men. By the 1880’s it had become the rage in fashionable summer resorts, and magazines devoted space to the proper clothes to wear while playing (which consisted simply of polo shirts and shorts). (Hobbies)
Children’s activities were different from what children today do, but were interesting nonetheless. Often older children would play with toy theatres. The plays they would perform would take up a lot of their time and money. First they had to buy a stage which would be made of wood and cardboard with a row of tin footlights with oil burning wicks along the front. Sheets of characters and scenes would cost a penny and two pence ready colored. The younger children of well off families had lots of beautiful toys in their nurseries. The favorite was the rocking horse which was made from wood and painted brightly. (Hobbies)
Boys would play with their tin or lead soldiers. Later in the century as the railways developed across

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