Enterprise Essay

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1. Introduction This assignment will describe and present a small business plan for the start of the food and beverage industry through business planning. According to Rue and Ibrahim (1998), a small company must provide a written plan and according to their study, small firms need at least 15 employees in the commencement of operations. However, for Perry (2001), small firms do not have to provide a comprehensive written business, because small businesses easily manage. One group of state business said planning framework essential for successful business in small firms, (eg, Shane and Delmar, 2004). This company will start operation on 1 January 2013. SHAHAYATIE Enterprise is name for this company, and that CEO owner is Mohd …show more content…
According source (Top 5 reasons 2012) coconut can use diet body, stabilize the pH of a person's body, human blood circulation, increase a person's metabolic rate, control diabetes, flu and fever AIDS, and protect our body from germ in so on. This brand also lower price and enough has quality for health compare with another product. Tasteless sweet and have milk could protect someone from contact with diabetes and give good energy to the body and affect the skin care will grow brighter through the use of fresh milk. 3. Market After has product or service, company will search where the product sales. According (Arkebauer, 1995) market will divide with little section that is industry portion and includes evaluation of competitors and target costumer. SHAHAYATYIE Enterprise will do business in Malaysia for beginning business, and the product market will offer in Malaysia country at the SABAH, KENINGAU city. SHAHAYATYIE Enterprise will focus on the following target market costumers: Geographic location: will be focus at KENINGAU city, SABAH just for beginning business. Demographic: will be focus at all religion whether Muslim or non-Muslim and without to see about the culture. Gender: All costumers whether male and female Age: will focus costumer youth and adults and elderly the between 6 – 60 years old. (Business resource software, Inc 1994-2012) 4.

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